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Jazz etude book out now

New book with 25 JAZZ ETUDES (G-clef, concert, iReal compatible)
44 pages with jazz etudes, based on harmonies of 25 well-known jazz standards.
Plus extra theory of upper-structures and the 6-note scale.
€ 15.- plus shipping costs contact me (don't forget to send your home address)

New book out now

This book (32 pages) shares many clear and practical insights into the art of improvisation. Over the course of nine chapters, theories of tonality, harmony and scales are concisely explained, giving enough material with which to improvise over any given chord-progression, regardless of style or instrument.
€ 12.- ($15.-) plus shipping costs

TEACHER at three conservatories

Ilja is main-subject teacher trombone at Codarts (75%), Rotterdam, bigband leader, arranging teacher and coach trombone ensemble. Ilja forms a international team of teachers with Bert Boeren, Andy Hunter and Shannon Barnett. 


Ilja is main-subject-teacher (25%) and bigband leader at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. The team in Amsterdam consist of Bert Boeren and Martijn Sohier

Bigband leader at Utrecht Conservatory (4 projects each school year).


I'm happy to present my first technique book for trombone and (lower) brass instruments. It's based on my 18 years of experience as teacher at several conservatories, and as clinician. It's full of alternative and challenging exercises - not the regular stuff you are used to play as warming-up or technique check-up. I hope you will like it.


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In the last twenty I developed a clear, simple and well-organized method of improvisation. The general idea of this harmonic theory is the use of as little as possible scales and keys for as many as possible chords. The harmonic information is therefore very simple, but helps you to play over all kind of harmonic progressions, including the most difficult ones. The way I teach is based on his philosophy of putting all music-styles (jazz, Latin, classical, pop), information and influences together, instead of separating them.