Clinics and Workshops

Ilja is clinician and workshop-leader all around the world (China, Japan, USA, Latvia, Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, Swiss, Germany etc. etc). He used to work with professionals, students and cognoscentes. He can give instrument-related workshops (technique and Jazz), band-coaching and bigband-workshops. Also improvisation-workshops for classical musicians.


Workshop-subjects are: 


- jazz-improvisation for trombone (for beginners up to professionals)

- technique for (lower) brass instruments

- orchestral work (blending, tuning, fast reading, leadplaying)

- composing and arranging jazz and popmusic

- leading and managing your own group

- improvisation for classical musicians (expression, motives, basic harmonies)

- big band / large orchestral workshop (also for periods)


About the workshops for big bands, orchestra's  and larger ensembles: Ilja can perform his own music or rehears the music of the particular (project-)bands. He has conducted various orchestra's, both professional as amature, including the Royal Airforce Band and The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam). As teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory he his leading the two student big bands every week for the last 15 years.

Subjects are: playing different styles, timing, blending and tuning, section coaching, playing lead, role of the rhythm section within a larger ensemble.


Workshop Brass&Jazz Riga 2011


If you are interested, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Ilja.